The California Indian Radio Project

Thirteen Half Hour Programs, available on cassette or CD.

A series featuring the voices and stories of contemporary Native people of California, telling how their lives have been shaped by history, their traditional values and their land.

California tribes are key players in issues such as water rights, fire management and public financing. This audio series is a timely source of information and balance in discussions of gaming, the environment, California history, law, race relations, religion, arts and education.

Several programs are narrated by tribal participants, giving a first-hand viewpoint on the topic. The views of ordinary people predominate, from more than 25 tribes throughout the state. Additional background information is provided by scholars, both Native and non-native. Voices are mixed with uniquely different California Indian music and beautiful, evocative sounds such as the squeak and slam of a door in a 200-year-old adobe building, the note of a crane-bone whistle, or the tinkling shells on the fringes of a ceremonial dress.

Executive Producer
Peggy Berryhill (Muskogee)

Joseph Orozco (Hupa), Susan Newstead

Audio Engineer
Neil Harvey

Production, Engineering and Marketing Assistance
Mel Baker, audio engineering
David Burnett, digital design
Cathy Chapman, production assistance
Keduescha Colegrove, marketing assistance
Kat High, production assistance
Njemile Carol Jones, production assistance
Bradley Marshall, digital design
Jill Paydon, marketing assistance
Joyce Stanfield Perry, narration and production assistance
Frances Slack Raiside, narration and production assistance
Susan Ruschmeyer, production assistance
David Tripp, scripting and production assistance
Hulleah Tsinnajinnie, film-making and production assistance

Funded by:
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
The California Council for the Humanities
The Lannan Foundation
The Vanguard Foundation
The Abelard Foundation
The Seventh Generation Fund
The LEF Foundation
The Fund for Folk Culture
The Sierra Pacific Foundation
The Seva Foundation
The Strong Foundation

Thanks to David Ipina (1952-1998) for the logo design.

Traditional California Indian songs are considered the personal property of the singer and often have spiritual significance as well. For this reason songs must not be reproduced by any means without the specific permission of the singer. Special thanks to the following individuals and groups for the use of their personal, traditional songs:

Ollie Foseide, Aileen Figueroa, the David Hostler Family, Ki-shan Lara, Marc LeBeau, Leroy Miranda, Jr., Alvino and Ernest Siva, Nancy Richardson Steele, Carly and Erin Tex, Brian Tripp, the Wukchumni Preschool, Linda Yamane, Klamath-Trinity Indian Education Program, the Jim Brown Family, Melodie George Carpenter