Tribal Members & Leaders

To obtain a set of tapes for your tribal library, school or cultural center, contact us.

We hope this project has inspired you to think about telling the stories of your family, tribe, region or history. There is much to tell, to document and to share. As the "information age" comes upon us, there is far more capacity than content. Now, as ever, a good story will find an eager audience. Let's make sure Native voices are part of the mix.

Steps to getting your stories recorded and heard:

  • Contact your local public radio station, they may be able to help.
  • Contact NC3, we can help with training and technical assistance.
  • Contact local Indian Education Programs or Tribal archives.
  • Don't wait. Expensive recording and editing equipment isn't necessary. Use whatever you have to start with and work up from there.

A good place to learn more about producing audio stories is the website of
Association of Independents in Radio.